Haunted Swamp

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Onsite Ticket Office 7-10pm

Haunting starts at dark

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Weather Update:

Storm Update: Carleton Frights survived the storm as the Zombie Paintball and Haunted Swamp are alive and well! Our mini haunt (Z. Farm) suffered major storm destruction.
But wait, is it really destroyed?


STORM CAUSES Zombie Outbreak!
The "Big" storm struck Puget Sound blowing down parts of Zombie Farm (mini haunt). But wait! The Zombies survived and are blood thirsty! The Zombies are no longer hiding in parts of the cornfield, but are the walking dead drawn to the destruction. Can you survive the storm stricken cornfield and the Zombies? They are ruthless and hungry! For the ultra brave, Haunted Swamp is your Fright medicine. The storm has awakened mutated animals and dead farm workers from their muddy graves. Hungry for blood, they roam the Haunted Swamp on the hunt to find you. Horrible cries of help, screams and Klowns....stay on the trail and you might escape the horrors of the Swamp. Zombie Paintball is the key to Zombie eradication! We thought the storm would eradicate the Zombies, but it only pissed them off. We are being overrun by the Zombies and need your help! The combat Zombie wagons are ready and await your arrival.

Zombie Paintball Frenzy Ticket Details

This is a timed ticket event and requires you to choose a time-slot.

You shoot Zombies and then get
chased by them!

Total experience is about 20-30 minutes.

1st you board the Zombie Combat Wagon armed with 20 paintball guns. We give you 150 glowing paintballs for you to shoot live zombies and targets. Then we drop you off at Zombie Farm for an extended haunt experience. NO Paintball Guns in Zombie Farm. Instead, you must navigate back to the barn on a non-lighted trail through the dark cornfield with Zombies chasing you. Stealth mode is key to making it out alive.

How to buy:

  1. (Recommended) Buy tickets online and choose date & time. You must show up at time specified on ticket to pick-up your wristband. You will then go to Zombie loading area. Your ride will begin soon after. Average wait time is about 30 minutes.
  2. We will sell onsite tickets until time-slots are sold out. Tickets sold the night of, will be sold until each time-slot is sold out.
  3. When should I arrive? You must arrive at our cashier kiosk at time displayed on your ticket to pick up your wristband. After receiving wristband, you will then go to Zombie Loading Area. Note: the time on the ticket is not the time your ride begins. Bring either copy of ticket, email confirmation on your phone, or we can look up by your name to redeem your wristband. Kids should be 8 and older, are not allowed to sit on laps and must be accompanied by an adult.

Haunted Swamp, Zombie Farm and Dark Maze ticket details

You may purchase online or onsite. Tickets are only good for the date you choose. Busy nights (last few weekends of October), wait times will be longer. Recommend getting the Swamp Fast Pass on those nights. This puts you in a shorter line ahead of others. Haunted Swamp and Zombie Farm not recommended for children under 12 as they are scary.

Swamp Fast Pass:

Good only for Haunted Swamp and is only available to purchase onsite. Gets you into a shorter line at the Haunted Swamp. Late October Saturdays usually have longer wait times.

Dark Maze (No scare flashlight maze):

Please allow 45 minutes to navigate the maze. Maze is family friendly and bring a flashlight. Flashlights not allowed in any other attractions, only Dark Maze.

Combo Ticket Details:

• Triple Fright Combo
o Haunted Swamp, Zombie Farm and Dark Maze. Zombie Paintball is extra. Recommended sequence: Dark Maze, Haunted Swamp, Zombie Farm.
• Frightmare Extreme Combo:
o Triple Fright Combo + Zombie Paintball Note: Zombie Paintball time-slot is flexible for the Frightmare Extreme Combo. Recommended sequence: Dark Maze, Zombie Paintball, Haunted Swamp.
Start times should be 7 - 8 p.m. in order to get through everything.

You can buy your online tickets now!

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  • October 1 (Saturday) (Student Night $10.00 OFF Triple Fright Combo for any students with ID)
  • October 7, 8 (Friday & Saturday)
  • October 14, 15 (Friday & Saturday)
  • Oct 14th & 15th Weather Notice:
    We will be closed Oct. 14th due to technical difficulties.
    Saturday, Oct. 15th our box office hours are 7-9 pm. We are planning on having a short night to get our actors home and safe. Please be early, so we can accomplish this.
    Please see our Facebook feed on our home page for any further updates.
  • We are back on schedule!

  • October 21, 22 (Friday & Saturday )
  • October 28, 29, 30, 31 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Halloween Night)

Rules & Policies

Read our Rules and Policies to keep you and others safe! We will close under extreme rain conditions. See our FB page for updates. Regular rain or even showers in Washington are no problem. We will refund tickets or you can use tickets for other nights if WE cancel, otherwise NO REFUNDS.

Facility Disclaimer

Carleton Farm is a real working farm! You may encounter rough ground, mud and corn leaves that can be sharp if handled. Please observe both common sense and the established rules when visiting. Thanks

Zombie Paintball Disclaimer:

Zombie Combat Wagons have stairs and are equipped with mounted paintball guns. These wagons are not scary. You will shoot live, automated and stationary Zombies. After the Hunt, you will have the option to get off the wagon and navigate your way through Zombie Farm and follow a dark trail through Zombie infested cornfield. Kids must be able to sit on wagon benches. MUST be able to climb stairs. NO wheeled equipment allowed. Upon purchase of this ticket you hold harmless Carleton Farm, owners and employees and assume all risks and injuries. Zombie paintball is not handicap accessible. Kids should be 8 and older, are not allowed to sit on laps and must be accompanied by adult. You further acknowledge there are no refunds or exchanges and that ticket is only good for date and time printed on ticket.

Haunts are not recommended for children under 12. Events are intended to be scary!

Tickets on sale from 7 PM - 10 PM or until they are sold out.
You may purchase tickets online or onsite.
The haunting starts at dark.


GROUPS 20 or more get $2.00 OFF per ticket.


Group Discounts must be purchased on 1 transaction,1payment. CANNOT BE COMBINED WITH ANY OTHER DISCOUNTS.

We will close if there is too much rain. Yeah, it's a scary swamp, but we don't want you to get spooked and slip!

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Pricing Summary

*See details of tickets in sections below* Buy tickets online and save! Onsite cashier kiosk hours 7-10pm. See dates below.

Zombie Paintball (150 paintballs) **timed ticketing event**





Ammo Upgrades

Frenzy Ammo



Trigger Happy (+100)



Haunted Swamp



Zombie Farm (Semi-mini haunt)



No-scare Dark Maze




Triple Fright Combo Swamp, Z. Farm, Dark Maze



Frightmare Extreme Combo Triple Fright Combo + Zombie Paintball



Swamp Fast Pass Onsite purchase only Good for Haunted Swamp Only


GROUPS 20 or more get $2.00 OFF per ticket
**Online Code=frenzy**
Groups must purchase on 1 transaction and 1 payment Cannot be combined with any other discounts

Zombie Paintball Frenzy FAQ

Q. Can I buy tickets at the farm?
A. Online ticketing is preferred as our timed ticketing requires you to choose a time slot. We will sell tickets onsite until each time slot is sold out.
Q. Can kids ride the wagon?
A. Kids must be 8 years of age and must ride with an adult. Adult must purchase ticket too and they will also shoot Zombies. Kids must also be able to sit on the bench, so no sitting on laps and no strollers to ensure the safety of our riders.
Q. Are there stairs?
Yes. Patrons will be required to walk up steps. Not handicap accessible.
Q. Can I bring my own paintball gun and/or paintballs?
A. NO, NO, NO. Our guns and paintballs are modified to make sure our actors are safe. Anyone who brings their own paintball or ammo, will be asked to leave the farm and will be banned from paintball. Safety of our actors is a priority!
Q. What if I am late and do not make my Ticket Time Slot?
A. We suggest not being late, which means allow for drive time, heavy traffic, waiting in line. There are no refunds!
Q. Are wagons scary?
A. Zombies will not come up to wagon. After you shoot Zombies, we will stop off at the back door into Zombie Farm. This is optional, so if you prefer no scare you can stay on the wagon.